Welcome to Gelhaus.Net!

Family Portrait Welcome to Matt, Taia, Ronan, Elliott, Kian, and Sonja's home on the web! This site is a collection of miscellaneous things related to our family, from travelogues and photo albums to Matt's various hobby projects.

Matt is an engineering manager with HP Inc. in Corvallis, Oregon. He currently works in R&D for the PageWide Industrial Print division. His team helps develop new presses and support electronics.

Taia works at HP Inc. as a product engineer, supporting manufacturing for some of HP's newest inkjet printheads for desktop printers.

Site Updates

2023-12-19 mjg
Long-overdue update to the main page, with a new family picture! The Blog and Photo Album sections are both broken (login credentials don't work anymore) so I am investigating.
2014-03-05 mjg
A new section about vintage computing devices has been added. Additional subsections will be added over time.
2013-04-08 mjg
Revised the script to handle changes required by upgrade to Python 3.
2011-11-11 mjg
Added a wiki for use as a personal reference site. It is publicly-viewable, though. See it here: Editing rights are limited to Taia and Matt.
2009-01-12 mjg
We've added a true blog to Gelhaus.Net. This will primarily focus on the kids, at least at first. See it here: Username and password is the same as for the Photo Album.
2007-Dec 27 mjg
There is a new page about a popcorn mower I made as a Christmas present for our son Ronan. It is located in the Projects section.
2007-Jul 29 mjg
We added a page about our trip to Montana in the Photo Album.
2007-Jul 24 mjg
The truck is sold.
2007-Jun 24 mjg
We added a page about our recent trip to Crater Lake in the Photo Album.
2007-Jan-25 mjg
I've added an experimental RSS feed for Ronan's page.
2007-Jan-24 mjg
I consolidated the web site's various script functions into one "Grand Unified Script," and automated a few more things. This will simplify future updates, particularly when adding photo galleries. I've left the old scripts in place because I didn't want to update every bit of content on the site, and this way old stuff hopefully didn't break. Everything I've tested so far works well.
2007-Jan-18 mjg
Ronan Karl Gelhaus was born! He has a page in the Photo Album which we plan to update frequently.
2006-Jul-25 mjg
I have a truck for sale. See it here!
2006-Mar-25 mjg
QuickTerm v1.01 was posted.
2005-Dec-13 mjg
I posted my review of the Sharp Zaurus SL-C1000.
2005-Oct-26 mjg
QuickTerm v1.0 was added to the Mac OS X section.
2005-Oct-20 mjg
I added my new quickie SDL benchmark program for the Sharp Zaurus.
2005-Sep-10 mjg
I upgraded the site to a new design that utilizes CSS and my own custom Python scripts for future design flexibility.

Last modified: December 21, 2023